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The Big Fat Kill

imageI did this album 4 years ago… I remember it vividly, the most fun I ever had making music, every session was Liquored up, Chinese Food, Duck Hunt, NBA JAM, Kung Fu flick’s and random shit. I just had came off a MAJOR label deciding not to sign me because my “type” of music wasn’t in. Nigga blatantly told me "Your an incredible artist… but your too NICE to sign." I just decided to be a “normal” and put up pics pretending like i was enjoying my life on Myspace (Facebook wasnt popping yet). If it wasn’t for my nigga Gouchos i’d be a Corrections Officer (No Rozay) or a Plumber (No Mario?) or some shit (no feces) now. He was like yo "kill these niggas", "don’t let go of your dream my nigga""just fuck my bitch my nigga" (he aint say that). I changed my name to Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire and rapped exactly how niggas said i shouldn’t rap. I never planned onrapping after this when I recorded it. The fact that i’m even typing this shit bug’s me the fuck out. So like I said in the previous Tumbl… if niggas wanna hear this shit so be it… but I at least want to tell people what it is… LINK STILL WORKS (WOW)

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