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Xmen DOFP Trailer from the Ink Master Episode [HQ]

shit look weak

phugazi asked:

what kind of person where you through out your school days? how did you dress, what did you listen to, favorite comic, and what was your favorite memory from those days?

i was a normal kid/nerd… I wasnt ever popular, but I knew everybody. I grew up being a nerd in a crew of street niggas so I basically absorbed alot of shit without having to go to jail and shit. I was always spoiled had every sneaker, trend, video game system whatever I wanted for the most part my childhood was typical 90’s NY shit. I never listened to rap until I was about 13-14 first rappers I was into was Cam’ron, Big Pun, and DMX… my favorite comic was prolly like Youngblood or this other joint I totally forgot these niggas names tho. It wasnt Marvel, I aint really mess with Marvel. Favorite memory I cant even call it too many. 


kaloskagathos asked:

Hey Exquire. I'm brazilian fan, Keep doing the good work man! I miss hooks sometimes, you drop 'em only once, sometimes i feel like hearing it more like on cherry raindrops. Anyways, man, i ain't shit to give you suggestions, but thats my opinion. I love the way you transit between profane and sacred things. May I suggest you something: listen to raul seixas, a brazilian guru, he was one of Paulo Coelho's friends. People say they exchanged souls [PC was really occultist back in the days+

Ive heard of Raul I gotta find time to sit with his shit and really get into it. I appreciate it, never to much.

apollocreezus asked:

Paper Hearts is not only one of your best tracks from, it's one of the best tracks from any artist, period. Would you mind giving me an in depth explanation as to what a paper heart is? Shouts from Australia

A Paper Heart, is just a creative dreamer, meaning a dream is more valuable than money. 

chameleonjoe asked:

eX! what's good, this is Joe from Engine Room. We talked briefly at SOBs about seeing if you want to get on this track I did with Kool A.D. but I didn't get a chance to exchange info with you that night. If you are down, let me know and I can send it over. I don't use tumblr, but my cell is 919-623-4428

Joe wassup, email me @ 

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